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Welcome to a little game demo by indies4indies.

GEOMETRIKO is a twisted mix of Tic–tac–toe and Reversi, featuring three single player modes and a two–player hotseat mode.

How to play

GEOMETRIKO is a turn–based game played on a 4x4 grid, and features four different tiles, aka Tiers, arranged in ascending order.

Each player starts with an infinite number of Tier–1 tiles.

Every time a player makes a three–of–a–kind he performs a Trip on the board; once a Trip is made it is removed from the board and the player is awarded an upgraded Tier.

Making a four–of–a–kind, a Quad, gives the player two upgraded Tiers.

If a higher Tier is put next to a lesser one, the lesser one switches side.

Victory conditions

A player can win a match either by filling the entire board with more of his own tiles than his opponent’s, or by achieving a Trip/Quad of Tier–4 tiles.

We do hope you’ll enjoy playing it! Have fun!

—The i4i team. Ok

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